Isle of Wight Golf Union

Rules of the Isle of Wight Golf Union


 Over 50's Team Knockout


  1. The competition is open to all full playing members from any Island Club affiliated to the Union

  2. The maximum handicap allowance is 18, players with higher handicaps may play off the maximum. 

  3. Teams will consist of SEVEN players with NO transfers allowed. They will play in handicap order, lowest handicap first.

  4. It is recommended that, if possible, a reserve player be in attendance.               

  5. The entrance fee will be determined by the Union and must be paid at the time of entry. If the entry fee is not paid, the team will not be included in the draw.

  6. Matches shall be played in accordance with Rules of Golf. Strokes will be taken in accordance with the stroke index table of the course on which the match is being  played .The lower handicap will concede strokes based on the FULL difference in the playing handicap.

  7. Matches shall be played over 18 holes. In the event of a match being all square, it shall continue until one player wins a hole. At any extra hole being played, strokes will be taken as in rule 5 above.

  8. It is the joint responsibility of both teams to ensure that the match is played by the specific date.

  9. Results must be notified to the Competition Organiser by the winning Team within 24 hours of the date of conclusion of the round.  If no result is received by then both teams will be eliminated.

  10. If players are unable to reach agreement on any aspect of the competition an appeal may be made through the Competition Organiser to the Committee of the Union whose decision shall be final.

  11. The draw for each round of the Competition shall be the responsibility of the Competition Organisers.


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