Isle of Wight Golf Union

Rules of the Isle of Wight Golf Union



  1. The Amateur Championship of the Isle of Wight shall be held annually on the course of such affiliated Club as may be decided by the Union.

  2. The date of the Meeting shall be fixed by the Council after consultation with the Club on whose course the Meeting is to be held.

  3. The Competition for the Championship shall be open to all bona-fide members of Clubs affiliated to the Union.  Competitors must be of amateur status as defined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club and must either (a) have been born in the Isle of Wight or (b) have been a member of an affiliated Club since the first of January of the current year.

  4. The winner of the Championship shall hold the McMaster Challenge Cup for one year, and shall also receive a prize from the Union.

  5. The Union may make a reasonable financial contribution to the Club hosting the Meeting in respect of extra expenses incurred by that Club in making arrangements for the Meeting.

  6. The conditions of play for the Championship shall be as follows:-

(1)    36 hole Medal Play (Scratch) by all entrants, the four players returning the lowest scores qualify as semi-finalists to proceed to a Match Play stage.  If the four lowest scores involve more than four players then the competitors with the equal highest scores shall proceed to a play-off.  The form of this play-off shall be Medal Play over 4 selected holes of the course in use, the lowest aggregate score(s) after playing the four holes determining the competitor(s) to be semi-finalist(s).  Should this four hole aggregate not produce a clear result then the players concerned shall proceed to a "Sudden Death" play-off, commencing at the  first hole, when the lowest score(s) will decide the semi-final place(s).

(2)    A Match Play stage for the four semi-finalists. The two pairings will be paired with first playing fourth and second playing third, each pair will play 18 holes Match Play. The two winners from these two matches will play a further 18 holes to decide the holder of the Championship.  Should any match be halved after 18 holes have been played the competitors shall continue to play further holes when the player first winning an extra hole shall be regarded as the winner of that match.

  7.    The Championship shall be played subject to the Rules of Golf and to the Club Rules and
          Local Rules of the Club on whose course the Meeting is to be held.


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